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Commissioner Lidinsky Commends Commission Action On Recent Rule Reviews

October 26, 2015

Federal Maritime Commissioner Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. commends the Commission for three recent actions that move the agency’s regulatory review forward in compliance with President Obama’s Executive Order 13563 issued in 2011 when he was Chairman.

Last month the Commission, in closed session, directed staff to begin preparing for an advance notice of proposed rulemaking on Ocean Common Carrier and Marine Terminal Operator agreements subject to the 1984 Shipping Act.

During the most recent Commission meeting this past Wednesday, in open session, the Commission voted 4-1 to adopt the final rule on Ocean Transportation Intermediary Licensing and Financial Responsibility. These rules outline expedited procedures for licensing, denials, revocations, suspensions, and other activities that make use of technology to provide regulatory relief.

“The new OTI rules strike the appropriate balance between our regulatory responsibilities in this vital area of international waterborne commerce, and the mandate President Obama gave us to reduce unnecessary or cumbersome regulations,” said Commissioner Lidinsky. “Unfortunately, there are some who view any level of regulation, or anything less than total deregulation, as burdensome.”

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, in closed session, the Commission voted to move forward with an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on service contracts. “Service contracts are the key activity between American importers and exporters, and predominately foreign-flagged carriers, and have not lived up to their potential,” commented Commissioner Lidinsky after the meeting. “Hopefully industry reaction to the proposed rules will generate a great deal of commentary to assist Commissioners and staff as we advance this new regulatory review. I encourage all impacted by service contracts to participate in this important rulemaking process.”

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