Acting Chairman Khouri Delivers Luncheon Keynote at Pacific Admiralty Seminar - Federal Maritime Commission
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Acting Chairman Khouri Delivers Luncheon Keynote at Pacific Admiralty Seminar


Acting Chairman Michael Khouri delivered the luncheon remarks today at the Pacific Admiralty Seminar in San Francisco, where he shared developments related to the work of the Federal Maritime Commission, trends in the shipping industry, and thoughts on potential public policy issues related to the ocean-linked supply chain.

The Pacific Admiralty Seminar is a regular, usually biennial, event that features experts in maritime law, academia, and the shipping industry.

“Not all those who attend the Pacific Admiralty Seminar practice before the Federal Maritime Commission, so I am grateful for the opportunity to explain to an audience involved in maritime law, but who may not frequently deal with the Shipping Act, how the Commission assures competition and integrity for America’s ocean supply chain,” said Acting Chairman Michael Khouri.

During the course of his speech, Acting Chairman Khouri outlined the importance of container shipping to the broader American economy; the size of the ocean-linked supply chain serving the United States; the value of carrier and terminal agreements in delivering efficiencies that benefit shippers and consumers; and not only how the Commission reviews and monitors agreements, but ways in which it adjusts its oversight based on developments in industry and the marketplace.

“The Commission is the competition and commercial practices regulator for an industry that is vital to our Nation’s economy. When market competition is evident, then we can have confidence that each dollar saved by the ocean carriers in cooperative alliances will likely be passed along, ultimately to the benefit of the American consumer,” said Acting Chairman Khouri.

Remarks of Chairman Khouri at the Pacific Admiralty Seminar