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Access to Websites Restored

August 27, 2014

Contact: Karen V. Gregory, Secretary

On Tuesday August 26, all websites in the domain experienced unscheduled technical outages. Outages began after approximately 4:00 pm EDT on Tuesday. The outages impacted access to:

  • Form FMC-18 (online OTI license application),
  • The OTI List,
  • The Agreement library,
  • The main FMC website, and
  • All email to and from the Commission.

The connectivity issues have now been addressed and all access was restored as of 8:00 p.m.

If you sent email to the FMC during the outage, it was not received and you should resend. This includes resending any electronic filings in a docketed proceeding.

Note for Affected Service Contracts

In accordance with 46 C.F.R. 530.8(e), affected parties who were unable to file with SERVCON during this outage will not be subject to the requirement that a service contract be filed before cargo is shipped under it.

If you have questions about this unscheduled outage you may call the Office of the Secretary at 202-535-5725.