Applicants – September 14, 2018 - Federal Maritime Commission
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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applications
September 14, 2018

ACL America, Inc. (NVO)

2511 South Edison Way
Compton, CA 90220
Jae W. Choi, CFO (QI)
Hyun S. Kim, CEO
Application Type: QI Change

Eusu Logistics, Inc. dba Hanjin Logistics dba Hanjin Logistics, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

20821 South Santa Fe Avenue
Carson, CA 90810
Uncha Cindy Jun, Secretary (QI)
Application Type: QI Change

Intermodal Exports, Ltd. (OFF)

65 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 200
Valley Stream, NY 11581
Allaix Augustin, President (QI)
Application Type: QI Change

Maritime Logistics Group, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

10875 NW 33rd Street
Doral, FL 33172
Jorge Victoriano, President (QI)
Carlos Macaluso, Vice President
Application Type: Name Change to “Dynamo Weltweit Logistik Corporation
dba Dynamo Weltweit Logistik”

Penguin Global Logistics USA, Inc. (NVO)

1 Civic Plaza Drive, Suite 550
Carson, CA 90745
Cooper Chao, President (QI)
Marjorie Ovid, Vice President
Application Type: Adding Trade Name “World Jaguar Logistics USA Inc”

TCL Special Projects, LLC dba Trans Container Line dba Total Cargo Logistics (NVO & OFF)

5 Oak Lane
Marlboro, NJ 07746
Scott C. Lenza, Member (QI)
Paul J. Harnett, Member
Application Type: Name Change to “Tidal Wave Cargo Logistics LLC dba High
Tide Container Line”

TMT USA, Inc. dba Transport Maritime et Transit USA, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

2401 Fountain View Drive, Suite 622
Houston, TX 77057
Jorge R. Vilaro, Vice-President Import/Export(QI)
Vincent Cossard, President
Application Type: QI Change

Transmark Logistics, Inc. dba Transmark Marine Line (NVO & OFF)

22217 68th Avenue South
Kent, WA 98032
Leroy F. Berven, Vice President (QI)
Murvin P. Allen, President
Application Type: QI Change

Universal Shipping, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

10395 Nobel Court
Jurupa Valley, CA 91752
Danie M. Frank, CEO (QI)
Devita Ralston, Secretary
Application Type: QI Change