Applicants – March 9, 2018 - Federal Maritime Commission
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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applications
March 9, 2018

Air Sea Shipping, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

1955 NW 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33126
Marlene M. Suarez, Vice President (QI)
Isilda R. Martinez, President
Application Type: QI Change

Dor L’Dor Global LLC (NVO & OFF)

115 Old Queens Boulevard
Manalapan, NJ 07726
Eli Levy, Member (QI)
Application Type: New NVO & OFF License

Global S. Logistics Corporation dba GSL Corporation (NVO & OFF)

1223 Comanche Drive
Allen, TX 75013
Florencia Ferrer, President (QI)
Jorge Ferrer, Vice President
Application Type: New NVO & OFF License

Hanjin Intermodal America, Inc. dba Hanjin Express (NVO & OFF)

601 Dempster Street
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Kyung Yul Lee, Secretary (QI)
Sung Jin Ahn, CFO
Application Type: QI Change

IP Logistics, Inc. (NVO)

688 North Rimsdale Avenue, Suite 130
Covina, CA 91722
Kenny Yip, CEO (QI)
Application Type: New NVO License

Linwood D. Beckner (NVO & OFF)

215 Brooke Avenue, Suite C
Norfolk, VA 23510
Linwood D. Beckner, Member (QI)
Stuart C. Stone, Jr., Member
Application Type: Transfer License to “W.M. Stone Logistics, LLC”

Marisol International, LLC dba Marisol Worldwide, LLC (NVO & OFF)

2424 West Kingsley, Suite C
Springfield, MO 65807
Carie L. Samuel, Chief Compliance Officer (QI)
Micah L. Holst, President
Application Type: Removing Trade Name “Marisol Worldwide, LLC” and
Adding Trade Name “Ascent Global Logistics”

Navy Cargo Express USA Inc. (NVO & OFF)

8217 NW 66 Street
Miami, FL 33166
Jorge A. Espinoza Forero, President (QI)
Ligdey M. Rivas Vargas, Vice President
Application Type: Additional QI

Nippon Express NEC Logistics America, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

18615 Ferris Place
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
James R. Guess, Assistant Secretary (QI)
Kazuhiko Takahashi, President
Application Type: QI Change

United Auto Shipping LLC (OFF)

7916 Bally Money Road
Tampa, FL 33610
Fathi M. Faituri, Member (QI)
Application Type: New OFF License