Applicants August 21, 2023 - Federal Maritime Commission
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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applications
August 21, 2023

ALS International LLC (NVO)

14939 Summit Drive
Eastvale, CA 92880
Chenyao Yuan, CFO (QI)
Xinyu Hao, CEO
Application Type: New NVO License

American Container Shipping LLC (NVO)

169-20 Hillside Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 1
Jamaica, NY 11432
Tasnuva Jahan, Manager (QI)
Kazi M. Hashemi, Member
Application Type: New NVO License

Ismael Ferrer dba MIG Cargo Services (NVO & OFF)

180 South Spruce Avenue, Suite H
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Ismael A. Ferrer, Sole Proprietor (QI)
Application Type: New NVO and OFF License

Logistics LLC (NVO)

2929 Arch Street, Suite 1700
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Neal Elbaum, President (QI)
Application Type: New NVO License

LRgistics, LLC (NVO & OFF)

1 Clay Place
Hapeville, GA 30354
Justin A. Byczek, Owner (QI)
Application Type: License Transfer to “LR Global Logistics, Inc.”

World Tree Logistics, Inc. (NVO)

150 Lantana Drive
Stanton, CA 90680
Ki Tae (aka Kyle) Jang, CEO (QI)
Application Type: New NVO License