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Commissioner Louis E. Sola led a fact-finding investigation and worked with key industry stakeholders to identify commercial measures passenger cruise lines could adopt to mitigate COVID-19 related impacts to this sector of the maritime industry. In the course of his investigation, Commissioner Sola:

  • Engaged cruise industry stakeholders to identify commercial solutions to COVID-19 related issues interfering with the operations of the industry.
  • Interacted with maritime related COVID-19 task forces in order to gather information and data related to the impact of COVID-19 on the cruise industry.
  • Established a team of leaders from the cruise industry, as well as other stakeholders, to develop commercial solutions to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To provide information to Commissioner Sola, please email  ff30@fmc.gov

Questions Concerning Cruise Problems or Ticket Refunds?

If you would like assistance with a cruise problem, please email complaints@fmc.gov

3/16/2022 – FMC Rule Change Will Provide More Rights to Refunds for Cancelled or Delayed Cruises

1/14/2022 – Fact Finding 30 Final Report Released

9/7/2021 – Commissioner Sola Receives Award for Work Addressing COVID Impacts to Passenger Cruise Sector

8/26/2021 – FMC Invites Comments on Proposed Rule Addressing Cruise Line Non-Performance and Refunds

5/3/2021 – Remarks of Commissioner Sola at Port of Galveston

4/13/2021 – Commissioner Sola Meets with Florida’s Governor and Attorney General on Cruise Ship Matters

3/18/2021 – Statement by Commissioner Louis E. Sola on the One Year Anniversary of the Cessation of Cruise Activity from U.S. Ports

3/17/2021 – Fact Finding 30 Interim Report Issued Examining Impacts to CA, HI, and U.S. Pacific Territories

12/16/2020 – Latest Fact Finding 30 Report Examines Impacts to Cruise Industry in Gulf Coast Ports

11/19/2020 – Fact Finding 30 Field Visit to Port of Galveston

11/6/2020 – Commissioner Sola Meets with Port Everglades Leadership to Discuss Passenger and Cargo Construction Projects

10/30/2020 – Commissioner Sola Reviews PortMiami Cruise Related Infrastructure Improvement Projects

10/7/2020 – Commissioner Sola Visits Alaska as Part of Fact Finding 30

9/30/2020 – Commission Requests Comments on Possible Changes to Regulations Governing Cruise Lines

9/23/2020 – Fact Finding 30 Interim Report Highlights Economic Impacts to Florida From Paused Cruise Operations

9/10/2020 – DHS Secretary Briefed on COVID-19 Impacts to Cruise Industry and Ocean Shipping

8/11/2020 – Commission Initiates Rulemaking Process Addressing Cruise Line Performance and Refunds

7/30/2020 – Commissioner Sola Provides Briefing on Fact Finding 30 to Senior DoT Official

7/27/2020 – Commissioner Sola Proposes Changes to FMC Regulations on Cruise Line Performance and Refunds

7/23/2020 – FMC Provides Regulatory Flexibility to Small Passenger Vessel Operators

7/2/2020 – Commissioner Sola Reports on meeting with ILWU Leadership in Fact Finding 30 to Discuss Impacts of COVID-19 on Longshore Workforce

6/30/2020 – Fact Finding 30 Phase 1 Report Identifies Proposal That Would Help U.S. Cruise Companies

6/17/2020 – Commission Advisory for Cruise Passengers June 17, 2020

6/5/2020 – Fact Finding 30 Innovation Teams Examining Financial Responsibility Requirements

5/27/2020 – Fact Finding 30 Investigation Focusing on Cruise Line Financial Responsibility and Refund Policies

4/30/2020 – Statement of Commissioner Louis E. Sola on the Launch of Fact Finding 30

4/30/2020 – Commissioner Sola to Lead Fact Finding Focusing on Cruise Line Issues