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Office of the Managing Director (OMD)

About OMD

The Office of the Managing Director is responsible for:

  • Implementing the administrative directives of the Chairman
  • Managing and coordinating the Commission’s Bureaus and Investigators, and
  • Planning and directing information technology and information management services.

Administrative Offices

Office of Budget and Finance

The Office of Budget and Finance is responsible for preparing the agency’s budget requests to the Office of Management and Budget and to the Congress, and managing subsequent budgets, and coordinating such efforts as the collecting of fees and payments. The Office also coordinates with the Bureau of Public Debt regarding contracted accounting and financial functions and the National Finance Center regarding contracted payroll and time card processing.


Earl D. Taylor, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 202-523-5770
Fax: 202-523-0500
Email: obfmmaritime@fmc.gov

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources has agency-wide responsibility for all aspects of human resources management and administration.  This includes such things as pay, benefits, training and career development, and extends to developing policies and procedures for HR programs.

The Office of Human Resources conducts all recruitment activities for the agency.


Phone: 202-523-5773
Fax: 202-523-7842
Email: humanresources@fmc.gov

Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for a wide range of information technology (IT) support for the Commission.  This includes operating the agency’s local area network and strategic planning for short- and long-term information technology initiatives, as well as IT security, data telecommunications, and database development and management.


Mohammad A. Usman, Chief Information Officer
Phone: 202-523-5835
Fax: 202-523-3782
Email: OIT-Helpdesk@fmc.gov

Office of Management Services

The Office of Management Services directs and administers a variety of management service functions that provide administrative support to the program operations of the Commission. The Office procures, secures and/or furnishes all supplies, equipment and services required in support of the agency’s mission, and arranges for facilities management and security. The Director of the Office serves as the agency’s Chief Contracting Officer.


Phone: 202-523-5900
Fax: 202-523-3782
Email: OMS@fmc.gov

Commission Bureaus

Contact OMD

Lucille L. Marvin, Managing Director
Cindy Hennigan, Deputy Managing Director

Phone: 202-523-5800
Fax: 202-523-3646
Email: OMD@fmc.gov