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Premier Cruise Lines

September 22, 2000



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FOR RELEASE - September 22, 2000

Premier Cruise Lines ("Premier") and its sureties have issued a press release announcing that Premier has ceased operations, and providing information to those who have purchased cruises from Premier. The sureties have retained the firm of Freehill, Hogan & Mahar ("Freehill") of New York, NY to process all claims within the terms of a surety bond provided pursuant to Federal Maritime Commission ("Commission") regulations. Freehill has established a Coordinating Centre for all claims and inquiries at its offices at 80 Pine Street, New York, NY 10005-1759. Inquiries may be made by calling (212) 425-1883 or by email to The facsimile number is (212) 425-0392.

The surety claims process was established to administer claims against a surety bond issued to Premier, as required by the Commission's regulations at 46 CFR Part 540, (Subpart A), implementing section 3 of Public Law 89-777 (46 U.S.C. 817 (e)). The surety bond provides for indemnification of passengers for nonperformance of transportation by Premier on vessels embarking passengers at U.S. ports, and is underwritten by Greenwich Insurance Company and NAC Reinsurance Corporation. This bond would apply to all such Premier cruises.

The press release states that passengers who paid for transportation by credit card should immediately contact their credit card issuer. The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") issues information regarding consumer rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act. For that information, please see the FTC web site at

Those who purchased any third party travel insurance should also immediately contact their insurer to claim reimbursement under their insurance policy if it covers such cancellations. Prior experience has shown that third party insurers and credit card issuers may often provide speedier reimbursement to passengers than the claims process established to handle claims under bonds issued pursuant to Commission requirements.

Please note that the Commission does not administer the claims process or pay any claims. All communications should be directed to the claims Coordinating Centre as indicated above. The press release may be viewed via the internet site at