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Controlled Carrier List

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Ocean common carriers operating in the U.S./foreign oceanborne trades that are owned or controlled by governments are listed below. These controlled carriers are subject to rate review standards to ensure that they do not unfairly use their government-supported positions against their competitors. (46 CFR §565).

For questions regarding the controlled carriers, please contact the Commission’s Office of the General Counsel.

Current Controlled Carriers

  1. COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd. (RPI No. 015614)—People’s Republic of China;
  2. Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (RPI No. 011398)—People’s Republic of China;
  3. OOCL (Europe) Limited (RPI No. 024786)—People’s Republic of China;
  4. Hede (HONGKONG) International Shipping Limited (RPI No. 033332)—People’s Republic of China.