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FMC Proceedings and Reports

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The Commission maintains a log or listing of all documents received or issued in formal proceedings before the Commission.

F.M.C.2d Reports

Decisions of the Federal Maritime Commission, Second Series, is a reporter of the Commission’s most significant decisions and orders in adjudicative cases. F.M.C.2d is published on a quarterly basis on this website. Decisions and orders may be cited by parties and counsel in Commission proceedings using the abbreviation: F.M.C.2d.

F.M.C. Reports (Decisions 1919 – 1987): Electronically access FMC Reports, final decisions or orders made by the Commission and its predecessor agencies between 1919 and 1987 in this section of the E-Reading Room. These historical and orders were previously available in 28 hard-bound volumes that are no longer in publication.