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March 2023 Activity Report


Testimony of Chairman Maffei before Congress

Prepared statement of Chairman Daniel Maffei before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation at hearing entitled “Review of Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Request for the Federal Maritime Transportation Programs, and Implementation of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022”.

FMC Checking Ocean Carrier & MTO Compliance with Recent Ruling on Per Diem Charges

The Federal Maritime Commission is actively seeking information to confirm that ocean carriers and marine terminal operators are complying with the law following a precedential decision it issued addressing when per diem detention charges can be billed.

FMC FY24 Congressional Budget Justification Released

The Federal Maritime Commission released its Fiscal Year 2024 Congressional Budget Justification.

National Shipper Advisory Committee Holding Meeting

The National Shipper Advisory Committee held a meeting on March 30, 2023.in Miami, FL.

Statement of Commissioner Carl W. Bentzel on Meeting with the Digital Container Shipping Association Board of Directors Regarding a Data Standards Framework for International Container Shipping

Commissioner Bentzel met with the Board of Directors of the Digital Container Shipping Association in Europe to discuss a path forward for implementing international container maritime data standards in the United States trades.

Statement of Commissioner Carl W. Bentzel on the Union Pacific’s Change of Policy to Allow Private Chassis Choice

Commissioner Bentzel released a statement addressing an announcement by the Union Pacific implementing a private chassis choice policy.


Notice of Dismissal—MVM Logistics vs. MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (USA) ( No. 22-29)

Notice Not to Review—Santa Fe Discount Cruise Parking, Inc. D/B/A EZ Cruise Parking; Lighthouse Parking Inc.; and Sylvia Robledo D/B/A 81st Dolphin Parking v. The Board of Trustees of the Galveston Wharves and the Galveston Port Facilities Corporation (No. 14-06)


Agreements Filed

Maersk/APL Slot Exchange Agreement (No. 012307-006)

Oakland MTO Agreement (No. 201202-010)

HMM/ONE PSX Space Charter Agreement (No. 201400)

WHL/HLAG Vessel Sharing Agreement (No. 201401)

American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier/Liberty Space Charter Agreement (No. 201402)


OTI Licensing Activity

Applications 67

Revocations & Surrenders 29

Please see the OTI License Status Changes webpage for additional information.

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