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FMC’s Supply Chain Innovation Teams Launched Today

NR 16-08

The Federal Maritime Commission’s Supply Chain Innovation Team Initiative, led by Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye, was launched today at FMC headquarters in Washington, D.C.. Over the next two-days, industry leaders from 34 companies will be working in teams to develop process innovations that will improve the reliability, resilience, and competitiveness of America’s global supply chain.

“I thank Commissioner Dye for agreeing to lead the Supply Chain Innovation Team Initiative the FMC launched today,” said Chairman Mario Cordero. “The Commission is fortunate to have her move toward this endeavor and her vision, expertise, and determination will be key factors in guiding discussions and encouraging participants to offer meaningful supply chain improvements. I look forward to Commissioner Dye’s engagement with the Supply Chain Innovation Teams and bringing the Commission’s vision for these teams to fruition.”

“The innovation team approach focuses on obstacles to the smooth flow of cargo in our $980 billion annual export and import containerized trade,” said Dye. “We are not offering an ‘FMC solution’ to congestion-related problems. Rather, we are acting as a catalyst for committed teams of major company leaders as they exchange ideas and debate creative proposals for supply chain improvements. The nonpublic, small team effort is conducive to robust engagement among team members.”

Commissioner Dye emphasized that the FMC’s initiative is intended to complement and accelerate other on-going efforts, such as those underway in Los Angeles, Long Beach and at the Port of New York & New Jersey, and to stimulate similar efforts elsewhere. “We know others are already hard at work on these issues and expect our teams’ efforts will contribute to their success.”

“This is not a ‘quick fix’ to complex, systemic supply chain congestion problems, but I am confident the approach we’re taking will produce beneficial results,” Dye remarked “We expect our teams to move beyond a discussion of problems to a plan of action.” She added that the outcome of this initiative will ultimately depend on the shared efforts of the individual teams. “Our team members are experienced and talented, and I have great confidence that they’ll rise to the challenge.”

“On behalf of the Federal Maritime Commission, I want to express our appreciation to the major company representatives who committed their time and resources as Innovation Leaders,” Dye said. She also thanked the academic and business advisors who support the FMC initiative and will provide ongoing advice for the work of the teams. Finally, Dye thanked the many trade association representatives who made recommendations from among their most accomplished members for the teams.

Commissioner Dye and FMC staff will remain engaged with the teams and report on the direction and progress of their work at future Commission meetings and on the Supply Chain Innovation webpage on the Commission’s website.