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Office of Information Technology

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The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is at the forefront of developing, maintaining, and implementing the Commission’s Information Technology (IT) strategies. The OIT takes lead in driving the technical aspects of E-Government initiatives and provide comprehensive support for Commission’s IT services and infrastructure. This includes managing cybersecurity, device management, data management and telecommunication support and IT helpdesk, ensuring a seamless digital experience.

The OIT nurtures a small yet highly skilled IT workforce through tailored workforce development and training programs. OIT also plays a vital role in identifying and mitigating technology risks as they relate to fulfilling the Commission’s goals and objectives.

While maintaining Commission’s General Support Systems (GSS) and business applications, OIT collaborates with other program areas to effectively identify and address cyber threats through working with its federal counterparts in other agencies.

The OIT also serves in the leadership role throughout developing and maintaining IT business solutions, catering to both new and existing, whether they are custom developed or COTS (Custom Off the Shelf) solutions. Additionally, OIT support extends to the Commission’s enterprise technology solutions ensuring their robustness and reliability to meet the Commission’s demands.

Contact Information

Phone: 202-523-5835

Fax: 202-523-3782

Email: OIT-Helpdesk@fmc.gov