Packing for an International Move

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Protect your move by following these tips:


  • Request professional packing services and confirm that items will be shrink wrapped and palleted when shipped.
  • Consult with the mover before shipping items such as an automobile or gas-powered appliances such as grills or lawnmowers; there are special rules that apply to transporting such items.
  • Ensure that outside items (e.g. bicycles, flower pots, etc.) are clean and free of dirt and/or insects.
  • Keep an inventory of all items included in the shipment (including receipts, photos, appraisals).
  • Ensure that the mover’s inventory clearly labels items (e.g. “Lladro figurine” not “generic glassware” ) and provides size, make, model, and serial number for larger items such as t.v.s, stereo and video systems, etc.
  • Ensure that the mover’s inventory and representation of the items’ condition is correct. If you disagree, discuss it with the mover and note it on the packing list.


  • Ship valuable items such as cash, stock, bonds, jewelry, coins, and photo albums – these items should be carried on your person or in a suitcase
  • Add commercial items or newly purchased goods without checking with your mover
  • Include plants, seeds, pet food, pesticides, firearms, or meat products in your shipment
  • Sign a blank, incomplete, or illegible inventory packing list