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Updated: Notice of Inquiry – An Analysis of the European Union Repeal of the Liner Conference Block Exemption

January 6, 2011

Update - On November 1, 2010, the FMC issued a NOI to solicit information and comments concerning the effects of the EU's October 2008 repeal of the liner shipping conference block exemption from competition laws. Responses to the NOI are due on or before January 18, 2011. For filing convenience, the E.U. Study NOI Questions are provided in a format that can be easily copied and pasted for comment submission.

Options for Filing:

E-mail non-confidential filings as an attachment on or before January 18, 2011. Include in the subject line: FMC EU Study – Response to NOI.

Confidential filings must be accompanied by a transmittal letter that identifies the filing as confidential, describes the nature and extent of the confidential treatment requested, and states the reason for the request (e.g., commercially sensitive data). When submitting documents in response to the NOI that contain confidential information, the confidential copy of the filing must consist of the complete filing and be marked by the filer as Confidential- Restricted, with the confidential material clearly marked on each page. When a confidential filing is submitted, an original and one additional copy of the public version of the filing must be submitted. The public version of the filing should exclude confidential materials, and be clearly marked on each affected page, confidential materials excluded.

Questions regarding filing or treatment of confidential responses to the NOI should be directed to the Commission’s Secretary, Karen V. Gregory, at 202-523-5725 or

Original Information: November 1, 2010

Notice of Inquiry – Analysis of the EU Repeal of the Liner Conference Block Exemption