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Digital Strategy Initiative at Federal Maritime Commission

The Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) mission is to foster a fair, efficient, and reliable international ocean transportation system and to protect the public from unfair and deceptive practices. Digital services, open data, and technology have great potential to help accomplish the Commission’s mission. The Commission has adopted a Strategic Plan specific to FMC Information Resources Management, establishing the agency’s Fiscal Year 2014 – 2018 Digital Government Strategy.

The Digital Government Strategy aligns with many of the agency’s digital projects and initiatives already underway and spurs us to refine our Information Resource Management (IRM) program of activities directed at making effective use of information technology within the agency. These activities also emphasize critical components of the Commission’s digital government strategy, including ensuring cybersecurity of systems and data, improvement of IT management and governance of data across agency systems and personnel, and promoting continuous education and development of Commission IT personnel.