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Shipper Group Recognizes Commissioner Dye for Her Leadership on Supply Chain Issues


The Agricultural Transportation Coalition (AgTC) bestowed its “Person of the Year” award upon Commissioner Rebecca Dye in recognition of her work to improve America’s freight delivery system and the benefits those efforts have conveyed to shippers.

The award was presented Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at AgTC’s Virtual Annual Meeting.

“Commissioner Dye’s work with the Supply Chain Innovation Teams, to understand all components of the international supply chain – ocean, marine terminal, rail, truck – is unparalleled.  Commissioner Dye understands that every day, members of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, the producers, processors, growers of agriculture and forest products, face intense competition in the global marketplace. They are acutely aware that there is nothing we grow or produce in this country, that cannot be sourced somewhere else.  If our US ag exporters cannot deliver to the foreign customer, dependably and affordably, those customers will source from some other countries,” said Peter Friedmann, Executive Director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition.

Commissioner Dye led Fact Finding 28, an investigation of “Conditions and Practices Relating to Detention, Demurrage, and Free Time in International Oceanborne Commerce”.  The investigation culminated in the publication of an interpretive rule that establishes guidance on how the Commission will assess the reasonableness of detention and demurrage regulations and practices of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators.

“I am deeply appreciative to all my longstanding friends and colleagues from AgTC for being honored as their Person of the Year.  I was overcome by the tribute from so many accomplished exporters and truckers.  I am only able to make progress with AgTC’s strong support, so the honor of this award is rightfully theirs,” stated Commissioner Dye.

Commissioner Dye is continuing her work on behalf of the FMC to bring resiliency and efficiency to the freight delivery system by leading Fact Finding 29, which began its work in April and seeks to mitigate COVID-19 related impacts to the supply chain.

Jim Newsome, President and Chief Executive Officer of the South Carolina Ports Authority, is the only other individual to have been recognized by the AgTC with its “Person of the Year” Award.