Applicants – May 18, 2018 - Federal Maritime Commission
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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applications
May 18, 2018

AB Group Shipping Corp (NVO & OFF)

6160 NW 74th Avenue
Miami, FL 33166
Marcela A. Prado, President (QI)
Rodrigo G. Prado, Vice President
Application Type: Adding OFF Services

ARCA International, Inc. dba XPT Logistics dba Expat Government Services dba Expat Relocation Solutions (NVO & OFF)

2901 Titan Row
Orlando, FL 32809
Richard J. Clarke, Vice President (QI)
Laura Marion,vTreasurer
Application Type: Adding Trade Names “Findlay International” and “Relocation Services International”

Cargo Link USA LLC (NVO & OFF)

8653 Garvey Avenue, Suite 104
Rosemead, CA 91770
Zhu Li, Member (QI)
Application Type: Adding NVO Services

Dwight Wisdom dba Trans -Jam Express Shipping Company (NVO)

479 Rogers Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Dwight Wisdom, President (QI)
Application Type: Business Structure Change to “Trans-Jam Express Shipping Company, Inc.”

Dynasea International Logistics LLC dba Dynasea International Logistics (NVO & OFF)

310 3rd Place South
Algona, WA 98001
Traci A. Fisher, Member (QI)
Jeffrey P. Ruane, Member
Application Type: New NVO & OFF License

Firstrans International Co. (NVO)

17420 South Avalon Boulevard, Suite 204
Carson, CA 90746
Juefei Li, COO (QI)
Huan Wang, President
Application Type: QI Change

Forbis Logistics, Corp. (NVO & OFF)

12200 NW 25th Street, Suite 105
Miami, FL 33182
Miguel Alarcon, Operations Manager (QI)
Jorge J. Devoto, CEO
Application Type: QI Change

Mitchell Overseas Movers, Inc. (NVO)

7721 Lake Ballinger Way
Edmonds, WA 98026
Dennis E. White, Secretary (QI)
Peter W. Sorenson, President
Application Type: QI Change

Radiant Customs Services, Inc. dba SBAC (NVO & OFF)

405 114th Avenue SE, 3rd Floor
Bellevue, WA 98004
Randy Briggs, Vice President, International Services (QI)
Bohn Crain, CEO
Application Type: QI Chang

SDS Trans NJ Inc. (NVO)

71 Grand Avenue, Suite 1
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
Taekyu (a.k.a. Andrew) Ahn, President (QI)
Application Type: New NVO License

SNS Global Logistic Inc. (NVO)

147-60 175th Street, Suite 3
Jamaica, NY 11434
Seungjoon Oh, President (QI)
Dong Hoon Yum, Secretary
Application Type: Additional QI and Adding Trade Names “Sky World Courier
Express” and “Fourlink Int’l USA”

Staz USA, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

1800 East Lambert Road, Suite 215
Brea, CA 92821
Hwa Young (aka Kenny) Yoon, Secretary (QI)
Seung Ho Jang, CEO
Application Type: QI Change

Transcarveca, U.S.A. Corp. dba Teamfreight Forwarding Company (NVO & OFF)

2510 NW 97th Avenue, Suite 120
Miami, FL 33172
Raul Fuenmayor, CEO (QI)
Luis A. Fuenmayor, President
Application Type: QI Change and Adding NVO Services

USAS Express Int’l, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

420 South Hindry Avenue, Unit G
Inglewood, CA 90301
Young I. Choi, President (QI)
Application Type: QI Change

Webgistix Corporation (NVO)

127 East Warm Springs Road, Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Mary Marriott, Vice President of Operations (QI)
Mario Pinho, CFO
Application Type: QI Change and Adding Trade Name “Rakuten Super Logistics”