Applicants April 21, 2016 - Federal Maritime Commission
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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applications
April 21, 2016

CAP Worldwide, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

13704 Rankin Circle East
Houston, TX 77073
Dennis Hiatt, Secretary (QI)
David Dendinger, President
Application Type: QI Change

Conti Line International, Inc. (NVO & OFF)

10050 N.W. Freeway, Suite 175
Houston, TX 77092
Wolfgang Anderson, President (QI)
Application Type: New NVO & OFF License

Ford Freight Forwarders, Inc. (OFF)

8073 NW 67th Street
Miami, FL 33166
Daniela R. Noya, Secretary (QI)
Luis A. Campollo, President
Application Type: QI Change

Fortune Union Corporation (NVO)

1670 Amphlett Boulevard, Suite 214-20
San Mateo, CA 94402
Tongyang (a.k.a.Tony) Jiang, CEO (QI)
Yanhui Lai, Director
Application Type: New NVO License

Hansol Logistics USA. (NVO & OFF)

2396 E. Pacifica Place, Suite 290
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Tae Wook (a.k.a. Ted) Park, Secretary (QI)
Yoon Kyu Park, President
Application Type: New NVO & OFF License

Mohawk Customs & Shipping Corp. dba Mohawk Global Logistics (NVO & OFF)

123 Air Cargo Road
N. Syracuse, NY 13212
Garard Grannell, President (QI)
Cynthia Sardella, Corporate Manager
Application Type: Name Change to Mohawk Global Logistics Corp. dba Mohawk
Global Logistics

Shevon P. Abrams dba Quacy’s Container Line (NVO)

68 South Devine Street
Newark, NJ 07106
Shevon P. Abrams, Member (QI)
Application Type: Business Structure Change to Quacy’s Container Line LLC

TLS Logistics, LLC (NVO)

5358 33rd Avenue NW, Suite 302
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Geraldine W. Sanders, Chairman of the Board of Managers (QI)
Sonny J. Sanders, Manager
Application Type: QI Change