The Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom


FMC Announces Commission Meeting Scheduled for March 29, 2006


                 Commission Announces Meeting Scheduled for:
 TIME AND DATE: 10:00 A.M. - March 29, 2006
 PLACE: 800 North Capitol Street, N.W.
                 First Floor Hearing Room
                 Washington, D.C.
 STATUS: This meeting will be held in a Closed Session (not open for public attendance).
 1.    Docket No. 99-16 – Carolina Marine Handling, Inc. v. South Carolina State Ports Authority,
        Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority, Charleston International Projects, 
         Inc. and Charleston International Ports, LLC
 2.    Docket No. 02-04 - Anchor Shipping Co. v. Alianca Navegacao E Logistica Ltda.
 For further information, please contact Bryant VanBrakle, Secretary, at 202-523-5725

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