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Consumer Alert: Household Goods Movers





The Federal Maritime Commission issues this notice to alert consumers about the activities of an entity using the name Shippex Shipping Express (referred to as ""Shippex"" throughout this notice).  Shippex should not be confused with Shipex LLC of Houston TX, which is properly licensed and bonded, and not related to Shippex. 


Shippex is not licensed and bonded, but is offering, through its web site (, to move household goods for consumers via ocean transportation to other countries.  Shippex appears to be operating in violation of the Shipping Act of 1984, as it is unlawful to carry on such activities without a Commission issued license and without appropriate consumer financial protection, such as a surety bond.  




Shippex allegedly has been collecting payment from consumers for the delivery of their goods to a foreign destination.  Shippex may be related to an unlicensed entity the Commission is presently investigating for allegedly collecting payment from consumers for moving their goods to a foreign destination, but failing to deliver the goods as promised,  demanding additional monies before delivering the goods, delaying delivery for an extended period of time, and threatening retribution against their consumer customers.


Any consumers that have arranged with Shippex for international shipment of their household goods or personal effects should immediately contact the Commission's Office of Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Services (202-523-5807 or  We will make every attempt to locate your goods and determine the status of your shipment.