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FMC Announces Management Appointments

June 8, 2000

Federal Maritime Commission


NR 00-09

Washington, D.C. 20573


CONTACT: Bruce A. Dombrowski, Executive Director, at (202) 523-5800

FOR RELEASE: June 8, 2000

Chairman Harold J. Creel, Jr., today announced the appointment of four Commission employees to new management positions. Each of these appointments emanated from the Commission's February 2000 reorganization, and was accomplished via an internal, competitive process.

Frank J. Schwarz has assumed the position of Deputy Director of the Bureau of Trade Analysis. This Bureau maintains responsibilities for the review of agreements, assessing competitive trade conditions, and the substantive analysis of service contracts and tariffs.

Anne E. Trotter was chosen as Director of the Office of Passenger Vessels & Information Processing. This office, within the Bureau of Consumer Complaints & Licensing, is responsible for the Commission's passenger vessel program, certain ocean intermediary activities, and maintaining several agency databases.

Mamie H. Black has been selected as the Director of the Office of Service Contracts & Tariffs, within the Bureau of Trade Analysis. Ms. Black's office reviews and analyzes service contracts, assesses carrier tariffs for accessibility and accuracy, and addresses all issues or inquiries that arise in these program areas.

Karen V. Gregory has been appointed as the Director of the Office of Economics & Competition Analysis. Also within the Bureau of Trade Analysis, Ms. Gregory's office is responsible for the economic analysis of filed agreements and assessing competitive conditions in U.S. ocean commerce.

Chairman Creel praised these new managers and indicated that their selection completes the personnel moves attendant to the Commission's recent reorganization. "We have appointed four extremely capable individuals to fill the management openings resulting from our reorganization," said Mr. Creel. "Each has a history of excellent performance, along with the skills and enthusiasm necessary to successfully accomplish their new management responsibilities. I congratulate them on their selection."

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