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New Team Created to Address Green Maritime Initiatives

November 17, 2009

NR 09-19

CONTACT: Karen V. Gregory, Secretary (202) 523-5725

Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr., Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission announced today the formation of an internal Maritime Environmental Advisory Committee to provide leadership in identifying and supporting the creation of green jobs in the maritime industry. The formation of the Committee is consistent with the Administration's goals of creating green jobs and seeking a more sustainable approach to maritime issues, and demonstrates the Commission's commitment to a new, proactive relationship with the country's ports.

FMC Chairman with IMO Secretary
Chairman Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. with International Maritime Organization Secretary General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos at the World Maritime Day Conference held on October 16, 2009, in New York City

The Maritime Environmental Advisory Committee will work closely with the Commission to identify current or proposed environmental initiatives by the ports and the shipping industry. "We want to provide a clearing house for ports, terminal operators and other shipping interests to review agreements and other operational initiatives, and to discuss how commercial efforts can be enhanced by adopting certain environmental and energy efficiency standards consistent with the shipping acts and regulations administered by the Commission," said Chairman Lidinsky.

Chairman Lidinsky announced the initiative during his first formal port visit as Chairman. The Chairman was visiting the country's leading container port complex of Los Angeles and Long Beach to see firsthand the promising results of the Clean Trucks Program. "I wanted to recognize these ports' leadership in demonstrating that the maritime industry can remain commercially competitive while acting in a manner consistent with the country's commitment to energy independence and environmental standards."

The Maritime Environmental Advisory Committee will be led by Mark K. Dowd, Counsel to the Chairman, and draws its members from the different disciplines at the Commission. The Committee's members are:

Rebecca Fenneman, Deputy Director

Mary Thien Hoang, Special Assistant to the Director

Ernest L. Worden, Industry Economist

Colin Keohan, Attorney-Advisor

Pearl Carr-Notice, Transportation Specialist

Laura D. Mayberry, Attorney-Advisor

Kemal Kurtulus, Industry Analyst

Jeffrey Dehoff, Information Management Specialist

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