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FMC Requests Additional Information from San Pedro Ports on Clean Trucks Program

September 12, 2008

NR 08-11

CONTACT: Florence A. Carr, Director, Bureau of Trade Analysis (202) 523-5796

By a 2-1 vote, the Federal Maritime Commission determined to request that the parties to Agreement No. 201170, Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Infrastructure and Environmental Programs Cooperative Working Agreement, provide additional information pursuant to 46 U.S.C. § 40304(d). Additional information is essential to the Commission's understanding of the costs and benefits of the Ports' Clean Truck Program ("CTP"), and the likely effect of the Agreement on transportation costs and services. Such analysis is required of the Commission as mandated by the Shipping Act of 1984. Commissioner Brennan dissented from this determination.

The Commission emphasized that this action was being taken because it has serious concerns about potentially unreasonable increases in transportation costs or decreases in transportation services that may result from the CTP. The Commission appreciates the significant environmental and public health benefits that the CTP is expected to produce, and is committed to completing its analysis as quickly as possible upon receipt of the Ports' submission of the requested information.

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