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FMC Announces Greater Website Accessibility to Agreement Information

August 13, 2008

NR 08-10

CONTACT: Florence A. Carr, Director, Bureau of Trade Analysis (202) 523-5796

The Federal Maritime Commission ("FMC" or "Commission") today announced enhancements to its website to provide greater public awareness of agreement filings. To increase the accessibility of information on filed agreements and agreement amendments, the Commission will publish on its website,, weekly agreement filing notices that appear in the Federal Register.

Under the Shipping Act of 1984, the Commission is required to provide notice of the filing of carrier and marine terminal agreements and amendments to existing agreements through publication in the Federal Register. These notices provide a ten-day comment period during which interested parties may submit comments on agreement filings. The Federal Register notice includes the FMC Agreement Number and title of the Agreement, the Agreement parties and filing agent, a concise summary of the Agreement's authority, the timeframe for submitting comments, and how copies may be obtained.

These notices are located at In addition, links to this page are provided as appropriate throughout the Commission's website. Comments or questions regarding this information may be directed to the Office of Agreements by email or telephone (202) 523-5793. Comments or questions regarding the Commission's website in general may be directed to the Office of the Secretary by email or by telephone (202) 523-5725.

Press Contact: Karen V. Gregory (202) 523-5725; e-mail: