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FMC Supply Chain Innovation Teams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are You Looking for in Team Members?

We intend to create true multi-industry teams committed to a shared goal — developing the best ways to improve overall international supply chain effectiveness, reliability, and resilience. Consequently, effective team participants will need to be dynamic industry leaders with extensive experience, broad perspective and collaboration skills that will allow them to think beyond the immediate interests of their individual companies or industry sector, and take an encompassing view of the entire supply chain system.

Who Will Be Included on the Teams?

We expect a cross-section of supply chain actors in leadership roles from various sectors, including:

  • public port authorities,
  • marine terminal operators,
  • shipping lines,
  • American importers and exporters,
  • ocean transportation intermediaries,
  • port labor, and
  • rail lines.

We will encourage the industry leaders from each sector “to get out of their silos” and understand the capabilities, concerns and challenges faced by each of the other sectors. Effective supply chain innovation will require every sector to align future process improvements with those being undertaken by their commercial partners in the other sectors.

How Can Supply Chain Actors Indicate Interest in Participating on the Teams?

Please note that due to strong response levels, the initial supply chain innovation team slots have been filled with highly qualified innovation leaders. Those who wish to be considered for inclusion if additional teams are established should note that interest when they submit their information as outlined below.

Supply chain actors wishing to participate in the FMC’s supply chain innovation teams should send an email to supplychain@fmc.gov with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Contact information
    • office phone number
    • mobile phone number
    • email address
  • A brief account of experience with international supply chain operations
  • Why do you want to participate?
  • What general aspect of supply chain improvement (e.g. reliability, visibility, resilience, etc.) would you like suggest the teams address first? And why?

How Big Will the Teams Be?

Small groups of 5 to 12 participants will create the most effective teams. Teams will consist of high-level industry leaders representing multiple industries from across the supply chain.

How Many Teams Will There Be?

Depending on the number of participants selected there may be multiple teams created.

Will All Teams Focus on the Same Issues?

Yes, initially all teams will be focused on the shared goal of developing the best ways to improve overall international supply chain effectiveness, reliability, and resilience

If I Am Not on a Team, Can I Still Contribute?

Yes. We welcome and actively encourage organizations and individuals that do not directly participate to share ideas, information, and concerns by submitting an email to supplychain@fmc.gov.

Are There Topics That Will Not Be on the Agenda?

No topic is off limits within the shared goal of developing the best ways to improve overall international supply chain effectiveness, reliability, and resilience.

Are the Teams Focused Only on Los Angeles and Long Beach?

To create practical, commercial solutions, the teams need a geographically specific context on which to focus. Given the importance of LA/LB to the nation’s international supply chains and their strong commitment to seek innovative process improvements, we believe the San Pedro Bay ports are the best place to begin.

Will Additional Ports/Geographic Regions Be Included in This Project?

It is too early to determine if there may be industry interest in expanding this project to other port/geographic regions in the future. Such a decision will be based, in part, on industry interest to do so.

How Long Do You Expect This (LA/LB) Effort to Take?

As the teams are formed and begin deliberations, we will have a better sense of what will be involved and the duration of the project.

Will There Be a Report(s) on Its Progress?

No artificial deadlines or timelines are being set. We intend to update the Commission and the shipping public on the teams’ progress at Commission meetings and on this web page.

Will the Discussions Be Confidential?

Engagement in this initiative will depend on the willingness of all parties to share information and views fully and candidly. In that regard, confidentiality of discussions is critical. Non-public discussion under this Supply Chain Innovation initiative is authorized by the Commission’s Order of February 1, 2016.