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FF No. 28 Conditions and Practices Relating to Detention, Demurrage, and Free Time in International Oceanborne Commerce 3/5/2018
FF No. 27 Potentially Unlawful, Unfair or Deceptive Ocean Transportation Practices Related to the Movement of Household Goods or Personal Property in U.S.-Foreign Oceanborne Trades 6/23/2010
FF No. 26 Vessel Capacity and Equipment Availability in the United States Export and Import Liner Trades 3/17/2010
FF No. 25 Practices of Transpacific Stabilization Agreement Members Covering the 2002-2003 Service Contract Season - Amended Order of Investigation 5/30/2003
FF No. 24 Exclusive Tug Arrangements in Florida Ports - Order of Investigation 5/24/2001
FF No. 23 Ocean Common Carrier Practices in the Transpacific Trades 12/29/1999
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