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Information Notice For Passengers with Bookings on Crystal Cruises, LLC Suspended Voyages through April 2022


Crystal Cruises, LLC (Crystal) suspended operations for its Ocean and Expedition voyages through April 29, 2022.

Crystal operates three vessels under the Federal Maritime Commission’s (Commission) Passenger Vessel Operators (PVO) Program:

  • Crystal Endeavor;
  • Crystal Serenity; and
  • Crystal Symphony.

Currently, Crystal has not cancelled cruises beyond April 29, 2022.

Crystal has released reimbursement information regarding cruises cancelled up to the mentioned date.

Passengers with bookings for a Crystal cruise after April 29, 2022, are highly encouraged to view the general terms and conditions of your ticket contract. Passengers are bound by the terms of their ticket contracts, including the consequences for unilaterally cancelling a reservation.

In accordance with Commission regulations at 46 C.F.R. § 540.1(a), Crystal maintains an escrow account on file with the Commission to indemnify passengers for nonperformance of transportation for cruises that embark passengers at U.S. ports. Further information about the legal requirements of the Passenger Vessel Operator program can be found on the Commission’s Passenger Vessel Operators webpage.

Updated 2/1/22 with new links (Originally posted 1/28/22)