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Chairman Blust Announces Contact Information for New Orleans Area Representative

September 2, 2005

NR 05-14

Contact: Bryant L. VanBrakle, Secretary (202) 523-5725; E-mail:

Due to Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Maritime Commission's New Orleans location is currently inaccessible. New Orleans Area Representative Al Kellogg can be reached by sending correspondence to the Commission's Headquarters at 800 North Capitol Street, Washington, DC 20573. In addition, the Office of Operations (202-523-0988) will relay telephone messages to Mr. Kellogg. Mr. Kellogg may still be reached by e-mail at

Chairman Blust stated, "The Commission will continue to provide support in the Gulf as the shipping industry and public work to overcome this significant disruption to the supply chain. We join other federal agencies and the President in supporting relief efforts. Our thoughts are with all those affected by Hurricane Katrina."

For more information on how to participate in relief efforts, please visit the White House web site at\.

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