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UPDATE: Notice to Passengers Regarding Crystal Cruises

The Federal Maritime Commission has been advised that Proof of Claims for refunds from Crystal Cruises can be filed at https://crystalcruiseclaims.com/.

The Commission strongly encourages passengers with cancelled and/or booked cruises with Crystal Cruises to complete and deliver the Proof of Claim form, with necessary supporting documentation by the due date.

The deadline for filing a claim is June 11, 2022.

Proof of Claim forms can be found at:

Crystal Cruises, LLC (Crystal) filed a petition for Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors in Florida state court in Miami-Dade County (case number: 2022-002742-CA-01) on February 11, 2022.

For additional inquiries, you may contact the Commission’s Passenger Vessel Operators (PVO) office via email at pvo@fmc.gov.