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Charge Complaint Refunds Hit $1 Million

More than $1 million in disputed charges have now been waived or refunded through the Charge Compliant process established by the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 (OSRA) and administered by the Federal Maritime Commission.

The milestone of $1,045,953 in waived or refunded fees was reached on May 1st, slightly more than 10 months after OSRA became law.

Charge Complaints provide a simplified and expedited process for shippers, consignees, truckers, and third parties to dispute charges which might have been wrongly assessed by a common carrier.

The Commission’s website has detailed information about the charge complaint procedure, including an instructional video on how to make a filing, and frequently asked questions.

The charge complaint process is one of several options available to parties seeking relief at the Commission.  Disputes can also be addressed through the small claims or formal complaints processes, or by making use of dispute resolution services.  Parties wanting to allege misconduct can also share information with the Commission that will be reviewed for potential investigatory action.

The total amount of fees waived or refunded through the charge complaint process does not include penalties or settlements realized through Commission enforcement activities.