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Additional Information Requested From Consolidated Chassis Management Pool Agreement by FMC

September 16, 2011

NR 11-16

Contact: Austin L. Schmitt, Director, Bureau of Trade Analysis (202-523-5796)

Media Contact: Karen V. Gregory, Secretary (202-523-5725)

The Consolidated Chassis Management Pool Agreement (CCM), FMC Agreement No. 011962-007, was sent today a request from the Federal Maritime Commission to provide additional information concerning Amendment No. 007. The Commission's request for additional information delays the effectiveness of the amendment until 45 days after the parties have submitted the requested information and documents.

Proposed Amendment No. 007 would restructure the management of several regional chassis pools. These chassis are used for transporting intermodal containers by truck. It would also add authority for the Agreement parties to discuss and agree on, among other things, certain chassis supply and availability issues.

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