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Phone and Fax Contact Numbers

Office of the Chairman
Michael A. Khouri, Acting Chairman
John A. Moran, Counsel to the Acting Chairman
Mary T. Hoang, Chief of Staff
John K. DeCrosta, Senior Legislative and Public Affairs Specialist
Holly Hollenbeck
Main Office: 202-523-5911
Fax Number: 202-523-4224

Office of the Commissioners
Rebecca F. Dye, Commissioner
Robert M. Blair, Counsel to the Commissioner (on detail from BTA)
Main Office: 202-523-5715

Daniel B. Maffei, Commissioner
Zoraya De La Cruz, Counsel to the Commissioner
Main Office: 202-523-5721

(Vacant), Commissioner
Main Office: 202-523-5712

(Vacant), Commissioner
Main Office: 202-523-5723

Office of the Secretary
Rachel E. Dickon, Secretary
Linda Hale
Ian A. Lane
Clotilde Marks
Cathleen-Megan Moran
JoAnne D. O'Bryant
Samuel Uanserume
Main Office: 202-523-5725
Docket Library: 202-523-5760
Fax Number: 202-523-0014

Law & Reference Library
Main Office: 202-523-5762

Office of Consumer Affairs & Dispute Resolution Services
Rebecca A. Fenneman, Director
Jennifer M. Gartlan, Deputy Director
Philip Lee
Sharia D. Sherman-Shelton
Nancy K. Shoupe
Main Office: 202-523-5807
Fax Number: 202-275-0059

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
Ebony Jarrett, Director
Main Office: 202-523-5859
EEO "Hotline" : 202-523-5806
Fax Number: 202-523-0333

Office of the General Counsel
Tyler J. Wood, General Counsel
William H. Shakely, Deputy General Counsel
Carol Draper
Stacey M. Evans
Joel F. Graham
Jocelyn Jezierny
Daniel S. Lee, Agency Ethics Official
Benjamin L. Nashed (Detailed from CADRS)
Paul A. Schofield
Christine Stavropoulos
Main Office: 202-523-5740
Fax Number: 202-523-5738

Office of the Inspector General
Jon Hatfield, Inspector General
Main Office: 202-523-5863
IG Hotline: 202-523-5865
Fax Number: 202-566-0043

Office of Administrative Law Judges
Clay G. Guthridge, Chief Judge
Erin M. Wirth, Judge
Theresa Dike
Juanita M. Hutchins
Main Office: 202-523-5750
Fax Number: 202-566-0042

Office of the Managing Director
Karen V. Gregory, Managing Director
Peter J. King, Deputy Managing Director
(Vacant), Assistant Managing Director for Administration
Michael F. Carley, Director of Field Investigations
Anthony Haywood, CIO
Kathleen L. Keys
Donna L. Lee
Alan Lotenberg
Tara E. Nielsen
Main Office: 202-523-5800
Fax Number: 202-523-3646

Office of Budget and Finance
Leonard L. Ballard, Director
Judy A. Davis
Freda Hart
Stephanie Kelly
Sondra E. Roberts 
Main Office: 202-523-5770
Fax Number: 202-523-0500

Office of Human Resources
Todd Cole, Director
Erika Anderson
Courtney Killion
Vicky Schenck
Main Office: 202-523-5773
Fax Number: 523-7842

Office of Information Technology
Edward Anthony (Tony), Director
(Vacant), Operations Manager
Michael Chambers
Alvin Curry
Cassandra K. Davis
Gregory S. Francis
Andrew Gaidurgis
Wyman P. Pitts, Jr.
Main Office: 202-523-5835
OIT Help Desk: 202-523-0854
Fax Number: 202-523-3782

Office of Management Services
Katona Bryan-Wade, Director
Michelle Calhoun
Carl Savoy
David Story
Main Office: 202-523-5900
Fax Number: 202-523-3782

Adam Sinko, Area Representative
281-591-6088 (Main Line)
281-386-8211 (Cell Phone)

Los Angeles

Nash D. Asandas, Assistant Area Representative
310-514-8618 (VMS)
310-514-3931 (Fax)

New Orleans
Please contact Michael Carley at the Washington D.C. office until further notice.
Phone: 202-523-5800
Fax: 202-523-3646

New Orleans Area Representative

Phone: 504-466-6380
Fax: 504-466-6379

New York
Erin Tasova, Area Representative
732-283-2496 (VMS)
732-283-2498 (Fax)

Matthew D. Forst, Assistant Area Representative
732-283-2497 (VMS)
723-283-2498 (Fax)

Shadrack Scheirman, Area Representative
253-922-7622 (VMS)
253-922-7859 (Fax)

Diane Rebollo, Assistant Area Representative
Phone: 253-225-6843
Fax: 253-922-7859

South Florida
Andrew Margolis, Area Representative
954-963-5362 (VMS)
954-963-5630 (Fax)

Eric O. Mintz, Area Representative
954-963-5284 (VMS)
954-963-5630 (Fax)

Bureau of Certification & Licensing
Sandra L. Kusumoto, Director
Clifford R. Johnson, Deputy Director
Romain Dandridge
Main Office: 202-523-5787

Office of Passenger Vessels & Information Processing
Tajuanda L. Singletary, Director
Leroy R. Chin
Russell "Rusty" Haynes
Elnora V. Howard
Martin W. Wilson
Main Office: 202-523-5818
Fax Number: 202-523-5830

Office of Transportation Intermediaries
Aline Hull, Director
Luther Johnson
Marilyn Q. Raedeke
Janice D. Sanders-Aiken
Moyses Segovia
Kevin Shen
Alan C. Shook
Lee Stagg
Michael P. Sumrall
Main Office: 202-523-5843
Fax Number: 202-566-0011

Bureau of Enforcement
Brian L. Troiano, Director
Julie L. Berestov
Beverly L. Cherry
Cory R. Cinque
Brenda M. Doty
Martin Fleming
Maryanne Mundy
Doretha L. Scott
Glenda D. Singleton
Benjamin K. Trogdon
Main Office: 202-523-5783 or 202-523-5860
Fax Numbers: 202-523-5785 or 202-523-3725

Bureau of Trade Analysis
Florence A. Carr, Director
Tanga S. Fitzgibbon, Deputy Director
Main Office: 202-523-5796
Fax Numbers: 202-523-4372 or 202-523-5867

Office of Agreements
Jason Guthrie, Director
Kimberly J. Doughty
Susan Johnson
Main Office: 202-523-5793

Office of Economics & Competition Analysis
Anthony Homan, Director
Stephen Bruestle
Joseph R. Johnson (Randy)
Dylan P. Richmond 
Susan L. Uhlendorf
Sean Watterson
Main Office: 202-523-5845

Office of Service Contracts & Tariffs
Gary Kardian, Director
Wilbur A. Grisham
Michael J. Gordon
Darlene T. Harrison
Main Office: 202-523-5856