Federal Maritime Commission
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FOIA Annual Reports and Chief FOIA Officer Reports

FOIA Annual Reports issued by the Commission are available in electronic format and are listed below. For assistance locating reports not listed below, please contact the Office of the Secretary at FOIA@fmc.gov. Additional information regarding FOIA requests is located on the Commission's FOIA Information page.

Fiscal Year 2016 - FOIA Annual Report

FOIA Annual Report FY 2016 (PDF)

FOIA Annual Report FY 2016 (XML)

FY 16 Annual FOIA Report Raw Data (CSV)

Past FOIA Annual Reports

Chief FOIA Officer Reports

The Chief FOIA Officer for each federal agency is required to submit a report to the Attorney General containing a detailed description of the steps taken by the agency to improve FOIA compliance and transparency. These reports contain details of FOIA administration as well as the steps taken to implement Attorney General Holder's FOIA Guidelines during each reporting year. The Chief FOIA Officer Reports for the Commission are listed below.