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Weekly Agreement Notices

Agreement Notices Archive

To review recent agreement filings noticed in the Federal Register, click on the appropriate link below.

July 22, 2015:
-011426-058: West Coast of South America Discussion Agreement.
-201217-002: Port of Long Beach Data Services Agreement

July 15, 2015:
-012350: Hoegh/Hyundai Glovis West Africa Space Charter Agreement
-012351: Zim/NYK Equipment Repositioning Agreement

July 8, 2015
-011961-019: The Maritime Credit Agreement
-012279-002: Hyundai Glovis/Grimaldi Space Charter Agreement
-012349: CMA CGM/HLAG U.S.-West Med Slot Charter Agreement

June 17, 2015
-011753-004: Hoegh Autoliners/EUKOR Space Charter Agreement
-012206-002: Grimaldi /"K" Line Space Charter Agreement
-012212-002: NYK/Grimaldi Cooperative Working Agreement
-012291-002: Maersk Line/MSC WCCA Space Charter Agreement
-012293-004: Maersk/MSC Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012346: Sealand/APL Central America Vessel Sharing Agreement Space Charter Agreement
-012347: NYK/"K" Line Space Charter Agreement
-201228: Port of Seattle/Port of Tacoma Alliance Agreement

June 10, 2015
-012344: CMA CGM/WHL PRX Slot Charter Agreement
-012345: CMA CGM/HL Gulf Bridge Express Slot Charter Agreement

June 4, 2015
-011463-011: East Coast North America to West Coast South America and Caribbean Cooperative Working Agreement
-012327-001: "K" Line/WHL/WHS/PIL Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-012337: HSDG/Zim ECSA Space Charter Agreement
-012338: Sealand/APL Caribbean Slot Charter Agreement
-012339: Sealand/APL West Coast of Central America Slot Charter Agreement
-012340: Hapag-Lloyd/Zim ECSA Space Charter Agreement
-012341: Network Shipping Ltd. /Cool Carriers AB Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-012342: COSCON/NYK Equipment Repositioning Agreement
-012343: PIL/MELL Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-201227-002: Pacific Ports Operational Improvements Agreement

May 28, 2015
-011539-019: HLAG/NYK/MSC Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012334: Hyundai Glovis/Hoegh Transpacific Westbound Space Charter Agreement
-012335: Gulf Coast/ECSA Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012336: Zim/OOCL Space Charter Agreement

May 6, 2015
-012212-001: NYK/Grimaldi Cooperative Working Agreement
-012279-001: Hyundai Glovis/Grimaldi Space Charter Agreement
-011574-018: Pacific Islands Discussion Agreement
-012329: CSCL/HSD Slot Exchange Agreement