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Weekly Agreement Notices

Agreement Notices Archive

To review recent agreement filings noticed in the Federal Register, click on the appropriate link below.

July 16, 2014
-011931-006: CMA CGM/Marfret Vessel Sharing Agreement
-011938-007: HSDG/Alianca/Norasia/Libra/CLNU Vessel Sharing Agreement
-011962-011: Consolidated Chassis Management Pool Agreement
-012204-003: ELJSA-Hanjin Shipping Slot Exchange Agreement
-201143-011: West Coast MTO Agreement

July 9, 2014
-011463-008: East Coast of North America to West Coast of South America and Caribbean Cooperative Working Agreement
-011795-004: Puerto Rican Cross Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-012100-003: CMA CGM/Norasia Gulf Bridge Express Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012103-004: CMA CGM/Norasia Victory Bridge Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012138-001: NORASIA/CCNI Venezuela Space Charter Agreement
-012286: CSAV/NCLL/CMA CGM Space Charter Agreement

July 2, 2014
-011539-016: Norasia Group/HLAG Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-011839-008: Med-Gulf Space Charter Agreement
-012220-001: Crowley/Seaboard Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-012245-001: Eastern Car Liner Ltd./Rickmers-Linie GmbH & Cie. KG Space Charter Agreement
-012249-001: Norasia/Hapag Lloyd Mexico Space Charter Agreement
-012266-001: HLAG/Norasia Trans-Atlantic Space Charter Agreement
-201212-002: Marine Terminal Lease and Operating Agreement Between Broward County and King Ocean Services Limited (Cayman Islands) Incorporated

June 26, 2014
-011117-054: United States/Australasia Discussion Agreement
-012032-011: CMA CGM / MSC / Maersk Line North and Central China-US Pacific Coast Three-Loop Space Charter, Sailing and Cooperative Working Agreement
-012285: Altex/DOCE Space Charter Agreement

June 18, 2014
-012157-002: CSCL/CMA CGM Slot Exchange Agreement Asia – U.S. East Coast
-012284: CSAV/Norasia/HLAG Jamaica Space Charter Agreement

June 4, 2014
-012103-003: CMA CGM/CSAV Victory Bridge Vessel Sharing Agreement

May 29, 2014
-012161-002: Siem Car Carriers AS/Hyundai Glovis Co., Ltd. Space Charter Agreement
-012280: CKYHE Discussion Agreement
-201202-005: Oakland MTO Agreement

May 22, 2014
-011733-033: Common Ocean Carrier Platform Agreement
-012155-002: MSC/Zim South America East Coast Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012279: Hyundai Glovis/Inarme Space Charter Agreement

May 14, 2014
-012154-002: APL/Hamburg Süd Space Charter Agreement
-012184-002: Crowley/Maersk Line Panama-U.S. Space Charter Agreement
-012204-002: ELJSA-Hanjin Shipping Slot Exchange Agreement
-012274: OVSA/PIL Space Charter Agreement
-012275: ELJSA/K-Line Slot Exchange Agreement
-012276: Hapag-Lloyd/Zim Mediterranean Slot Exchange Agreement
-012277: COSCON/WHL Slot Charter Agreement
-012278: ELJSA/YMUK Line Slot Exchange Agreement
-201203-004: Port of Oakland/Oakland Marine Terminal Operator Agreement

May 8, 2014
-011961-015: The Maritime Credit Agreement
-012037-006: Maersk Line/CMA CGM Transatlantic Slot Exchange Agreement
-012193-001: Siem Car Carriers AS/Compania Sud Americana de Vapores S.A. Space Charter Agreement
-012269: APL/HMM Temporary Slot Equipment Repositioning Agreement
-012270: APL/HMM/MOL USEC/Latin America Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012271: MSC/CMA CGM North West European Continent - US East Coast Service Space Charter Agreement
-012272: MSC/Zim Amazon Service Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012273: MSC/CMA CGM USEC-WCSA Space Charter Agreement