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Weekly Agreement Notices

Agreement Notices Archive

To review recent agreement filings noticed in the Federal Register, click on the appropriate link below.

January 22, 2015:
-012064-005: Hapag-Lloyd/NYK Mexico-Dominican Republic Slot Charter Agreement
-012233-002: CSCL/UASC/YMUK/CMA CGM/PIL Vessel Sharing and Slot Exchange Agreement – Asia and US/Canada West Coast Services
-012314: COSCON/CSCL Slot Charter Agreement

Jan 15, 2015:
-012008-007: The 360 Quality Association Agreement
-012202-001: The G6/ELJSA Slot Exchange Agreement
-012262-001: The G6/Hanjin Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012313: NYK/EUKOR North America/Carib and Central America Space Charter Agreement

Jan 6, 2015:
-008005-012: New York Terminal Conference Agreement
-011409-019: Transpacific Carrier Services Inc. Agreement
-011426-056: West Coast of South America Discussion Agreement
-011679-013: ASF/SERC Agreement
-012194-003: The G6 Alliance Agreement
-012200-002: The G6/Zim Transpacific Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012258-001: The G6/HSDG Atlantic Space Charter Agreement
-012311-001: HSDG/CCNI Agreement
-201048-008: Lease and Operating Agreement between Philadelphia Regional Port Authority and Delaware River Stevedores, Inc.

Dec 31, 2014:
-008493-030: Trans-Pacific American Flag Berth Operators Agreement
-010050-021: U.S. Flag Discussion Agreement
-010051-039: Mediterranean Space Charter Agreement
-010714-046: Trans-Atlantic American Flag Liner Operators Agreement
-011223-051: Transpacific Stabilization Agreement
-011275-036: Australia and New Zealand-United States Discussion Agreement
-011284-073: Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association Agreement
-011290-040: International Vessel Operators Dangerous Goods Association Agreement
-011346-024: Israel Carrier Association
-011405-023: Ocean Carrier Working Group Agreement
-011733-035: Common Ocean Carrier Platform Agreement
-011928-008: Maersk Line/HLAG Slot Charter Agreement
-011961-018: The Maritime Credit Agreement
-011962-012: Consolidated Chassis Management Pool Agreement
-012027-001: The Hoegh / Maersk Ancillary Agreement
-012034-006: Hamburg Sud/Maersk Line Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012108-004: The World Liner Data Agreement
-012128-003: Southern Africa Agreement
-012136-001: HSDG/ML/MSC Space Charter Agreement
-012172-002: Maersk Line/MSC Caribbean Space Charter Agreement
-012242-001: Maersk Line/CMA CGM OC-1 PAD2 Space Charter Agreement
-012267-001: COSCON/CSCL Vessel Sharing and Slot Exchange Agreement
-012291-001: Maersk Line/MSC WCCA Space Charter Agreement
-012293-003: Maersk/MSC Vessel Sharing Agreement

December 30, 2014
-002206-007: California Association of Port Authorities - Northwest Marine Terminal Association Terminal Discussion Agreement
-009335-008: Northwest Marine Terminal Association, Inc. Agreement
-010099-060: International Council of Containership Operators
-011707-013: Gulf/South America Discussion Agreement
-012312-000: INARME/Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd Space Charter Agreement

December 10, 2014
-012308: MOL/CMA CGM Japan/USWC Slot Charter Agreement

December 3, 2014
-011526-006: M.O.S.K./Hoegh Autoliners Space Charter Agreement
-012233-001: CSCL/UASC/YMUK/CMA CGM/PIL Vessel Sharing and Slot Exchange Agreement – Asia and US/Canada West Coast Services
-012306: DOCE/Seafreight Space Charter Agreement
-012307: Maersk/APL Slot Exchange Agreement

Nov 26, 2014
-012042-007: MOL / ELJSA Slot Exchange Agreement
-012303: HLAG/Norasia Space Charter Agreement
-012304: Hanjin/UASC/CMA CGM/CSCL Vessel Sharing and Slot Charter Agreement
-012305: Siem Car Carriers AS/Nippon Yusen Kaisha Space Charter Agreement