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Weekly Agreement Notices

Agreement Notices Archive

To review recent agreement filings noticed in the Federal Register, click on the appropriate link below.

October 7, 2015:
012155-003: MSC/Zim South America East Coast Vessel Sharing Agreement
012297-002: ECNA/ECSA Vessel Sharing Agreement
012362: Hoegh/SC Line S.A. Mexico Jamaica Space Charter Agreement
012363: The "K" Line/SC Line Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
012364: HSDG/YML Space Charter Agreement

September 30, 2015:
012179-001: Hoegh/Farrell Space Charter and Cooperative Working Agreement
012360: "K" Line/Volkswagen Konzernlogistik GmbH & Co. OHG Space Charter Agreement
012361: ELJSA/CMA CGM North West European Continent – U.S. East Coast Service Slot Charter Agreement

September 23, 2015
012359: MOL/Volkswagen Konzernlogistik GmbH & Co.OHG Space Charter Agreement

August 19, 2015
012301-002: Siem Car Carrier Pacific AS/Volkswagen Konzernlogistik GmBH & Co. OHG Space Charter Agreement

August 12, 2015:
-012208-003: Hoegh/Grimaldi Space Charter Agreement
-012354: MOL/NMCC/WLS and Toko Line Space Charter Agreement.
-012355: CMA CGM/SL Gulf Bridge Express Slot Charter Agreement
-012356: Matson/MELL Space Charter Agreement (Pacific Islands).

August 5, 2015
-010071-043: Cruise Lines International Association Agreement
-010979-062: Caribbean Shipowners Association
-011679-014: ASF/SERC Agreement
-012352: Network Shipping Ltd./Trans Global Shipping N.V. Space Charter and Sailing Agreement
-012353: Crowley/Marinex Space Charter Agreement