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Weekly Agreement Notices

Agreement Notices Archive

To review recent agreement filings noticed in the Federal Register, click on the appropriate link below.

December 10, 2014
-012308: MOL/CMA CGM Japan/USWC Slot Charter Agreement

December 3, 2014
-011526-006: M.O.S.K./Hoegh Autoliners Space Charter Agreement
-012233-001: CSCL/UASC/YMUK/CMA CGM/PIL Vessel Sharing and Slot Exchange Agreement – Asia and US/Canada West Coast Services
-012306: DOCE/Seafreight Space Charter Agreement
-012307: Maersk/APL Slot Exchange Agreement

Nov 26, 2014
-012042-007: MOL / ELJSA Slot Exchange Agreement
-012303: HLAG/Norasia Space Charter Agreement
-012304: Hanjin/UASC/CMA CGM/CSCL Vessel Sharing and Slot Charter Agreement
-012305: Siem Car Carriers AS/Nippon Yusen Kaisha Space Charter Agreement

Oct 29, 2014
-008005-011: New York Terminal Conference Agreement
-012293-002: Maersk/MSC Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012300: The COSCON/KL/YMUK/Hanjin/ELJSA Slot Allocation and Sailing Agreement
-200955-003: GCT New York/GCT Bayonne Agreement
-201222–001: Port of Seattle/Port of Tacoma Rate Discussion Agreement

October 22, 2014
-012064-004: Hapag-Lloyd/NYK Mexico-Dominican Republic Slot Exchange Agreement
-201175-004: Port of NY/NJ Sustainable Services Agreement.
-201210-001: Port of NY/NJ Port Authority/Marine Terminal Operators Agreement

October 16, 2014
-010071-041: Cruise Lines International Association Agreement
-011223-050: Transpacific Stabilization Agreement
-012197-001: CMA CGM/HLAG U.S.-West Med Slot Exchange Agreement
-012299: CSCL/UASC/CMA CGM Vessel Sharing and Slot Exchange Agreement, Asia – U.S. West/East/Gulf Coasts

October 8, 2014
-010979-060: Caribbean Shipowners Association
-011961-017: The Maritime Credit Agreement

Oct 1, 2014:
-012293-001: Maersk/MSC Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012297: ECNA/ECSA Vessel Sharing Agreement
-012298: Crowley/Seaboard Dominican Republic Space Charter and Sailing Agreement