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Nov 08, 2016
Commissioner William P. Doyle’s Follow-up Statement on the Ocean Alliance
This follow-up statement from Commissioner Doyle explains the changes that were made from the initial filing to the final text of the Ocean Alliance Agreement that became effective on October 24, 2016.​
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Oct 21, 2016
Commissioner William P. Doyle’s statement on OCEAN Alliance vote
Commissioner Doyle issued the following brief statement following the Commission’s vote on the OCEAN Alliance Agreement between CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Evergreen, and Orient Overseas Container Lines.​
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Aug 25, 2016
Commissioner William P. Doyle’s statement on the proposed Ocean Alliance Agreement
The proposed Ocean Alliance agreement consists of COSCO Container Lines Company, CMA-CGM (with APL), Evergreen Marine Corporation, and Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL). “We’ve been down this road before with language proposed but not implemented by the P3 Alliance and the language in the existing 2M Alliance (Maersk and MSC). I’d like to see fair dealing and transparency in how the parties handle negotiations with third parties, suppliers, small businesses, and other service providers.”
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Jun 30, 2016
Commissioner William P. Doyle’s statement on implementation of SOLAS Convention’s VGM Requirement.
On June 24, 2016 Commissioner Doyle voted to allow the Port Operations and Safety Discussion Agreement to go into effect. This Agreement allows members of OCEMA and the six operating ports to discuss common practices for obtaining and communicating the VGM of containers in compliance with the U.S. Coast Guard Equivalency to the SOLAS Convention.
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Mar 14, 2016
White House-led Roundtable on 21st Century U.S. Ports and U.S. Senate Hearing on the State of the U.S. Maritime Industry
On March 7, 2016, Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero and Commissioner William P. Doyle attended and participated in the White House-led roundtable at Tradepoint Atlantic that highlighted the important role U.S. ports play in the national economy. Chairman Cordero and Commissioner Doyle provided key input on matters related to port congestion and emphasized issues related to truckers and chassis that impact congestion.
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Mar 11, 2016
Commissioner William P. Doyle welcomes his new Counsel Patrick Parsons
Patrick W. Parsons joins the FMC and is now serving as Commissioner Doyle’s new Counsel
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Feb 26, 2016
Commissioner Doyle's Remarks before World Trade Association Members
I am so pleased to be here today talking about the reemergence of SeaLand and its all water Atlántico service. And great to be talking about the North – South trade which includes all of the Americas. This folks, is a perfect example of a government-labor-private sector partnership of interests all pulling in the same direction. Congrats!
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Feb 22, 2016
Former Commissioner Doyle's Counsel David Tubman, now Chief Counsel at Maritime Administration
Congratulations to my now former counsel David Tubman! David has served in my office as counsel since 2013 at U.S. Federal Maritime Commission.
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Dec 28, 2015
Commissioner Doyle’s Report on U.S.-China Maritime Bilateral Consultative Meetings
Commissioner Doyle 's Prepared Remarks at the December 16, 2015 Commission Meeting
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Results: 10 Article(s) Found.