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May 23, 2016
Chairman Mario Cordero Statement on National Maritime Day
Chairman Cordero saluted our Merchant Marine for their dedication to furthering trade and security and noted that our Nation is dependent on oceanborne international trade, and the importance of assure our domestic ports and intermodal networks are sufficient to continue to bring benefits to American consumers and exporters.
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May 12, 2016
Chairman Cordero Says New Alliances Demand Aggressive Oversight
The restructuring of the ocean carrier alliance system, triggered by merger and acquisition activities by shipping companies, is a logical business development, but if not carefully monitored and regulated, could also represent a move toward reduced services for shippers.
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May 04, 2016
Chairman Cordero Applauds USCG Statement on Container Weights
Chairman Cordero made his comments in Oakland, CA, as a panelist during the May 2, 2016 conversation hosted by Women in Logistics (WIL) and the Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC).
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Apr 27, 2016
Chairman Cordero Meets with Cotton Club Members
Chairman Cordero spoke with Cotton Club members about the role of the agency in maritime, trade, promoting competition, the impact of alliances, and the FMC’s mission.
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Apr 25, 2016
Chairman’s Statement on Earth Day
I am committed to continuing working with industry stakeholders on designing deliberate and responsible steps to cut carbon pollution to slow the effects of climate change.
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Apr 20, 2016
FMC Briefed on Supply Chain Innovation Team Launch and Seeks Comment on Two Rulemakings
Commissioner’s discussed Innovation Team launch, web-based agreement filing and library, and rule updates.​
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Apr 19, 2016
FMC Chairman Seeks Direct Engagement on Container Weight Issue
Chairman Mario Cordero today made the following statement regarding the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Verified Gross Mass (VGM) amendments implementation.
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Apr 15, 2016
Cordero Addresses New England Regional Trade Group
Chairman Mario Cordero delivered a speech in Newport, Rhode Island to the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT) in which he underscored the Commission’s concern for issues that impact shippers’ supply chains, but said the FMC cannot act with the benefit of facts and evidence of harm.​
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Mar 23, 2016
Chairman Cordero Speaks to California Maritime Academy During its Women on the Water and Pearls of Power Event
Chairman Cordero spoke about the need to increase the number of women and minorities in the American maritime industry and the strides the FMC has made in realizing that goal for itself.
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Mar 21, 2016
Chairman Cordero Speaks to American Society of Civil Engineers Regarding Sustainability and Ports
Chairman Cordero discusses infrastructure, the Commission’s support of ASCE’s work, and funding opportunities available to better the physical condition of America’s maritime gateways.
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Mar 15, 2016
Chairman Cordero Testifies to Congress Regarding FY 2017 FMC Budget
Chairman Cordero discusses the FMC’s previous accomplishments and planned activities for FY 2016 and 2017 in support of regulatory mission.
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Mar 08, 2016
Chairman Cordero Testifies to Congress Regarding The State of the U.S. Maritime Industry: The Federal Role
The Chairman testified before the Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety and Security Subcommittee
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Mar 07, 2016
Federal Maritime Commission Participates in White House Roundtable on 21st Century Ports
Government leaders, representatives from the shipping, supply chain and retail sectors discussed role of U.S. ports in robust national freight system.
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Dec 08, 2015
FMC Recognized as 2015 Most Improved Small Agency
FMC receives 2015 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government award for Most Improved Small Federal Agency
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Nov 19, 2015
Chairman Mario Cordero Speaks at National Industrial Transportation League (NITL)
Chairman Cordero speaks at NITL. Emphasizes need for PierPass transparency, industry input on demurrage, and increased funding for FMC.
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Nov 02, 2015
Chairman Cordero’s Remarks at NAWE October 26, 2015
On October 26, 2015, Chairman Mario Cordero delivered a speech to the National Waterfront Employers Association, focusing on the FMC’s role in the reduction of congestion, the anticipated doubling of Asian imports over the next 10 years, and the importance of addressing stakeholder-reported inefficiencies with PierPass.
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Oct 23, 2015
Chairman’s Earth Day Award Nominations Discontinued
Effective Feb. 10, 2016, the FMC Chairman’s Earth Day Award has been discontinued.
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Oct 13, 2015
Chairman’s Statement on Mediation Week
The FMC provides free and confidential mediation services to help regulated entities and the shipping public resolve shipping disputes.
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Oct 08, 2015
Mario Cordero Reconfirmed as Commissioner
Today, Mario Cordero was reconfirmed as a Commissioner of the Federal Maritime Commission
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Sep 25, 2015
Chairman Cordero Participates in U.S.-Japan Maritime Discussions
In conjunction with the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD), Chairman Cordero led the FMC delegation at the U.S.-Japan Maritime Bilateral Meeting, the U.S.-Japan International Shipping Forum, and an industry meeting with the Japanese Shipowners' Association held in Tokyo, Japan, September 25, 2015.​
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Jul 21, 2015
Northwest Seaport Alliance Clears FMC Regulatory Review
FMC votes to allow Port of Seattle/Port of Tacoma Alliance Agreement to become effective as scheduled on July 23, 2015.
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Jul 20, 2015
Chairman Cordero calls for Transparency in PierPASS operations under the West Coast MTO Agreement.
In light of the recent 4 percent fee increase, I believe that PierPASS and the thirteen terminals at the LA and Long Beach Ports should justify the continued need for the Traffic Mitigation Fee, as well as the sustainability of annual TMF increases.
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Jun 24, 2015
Commission Takes Action on Several Regulatory Matters
Updated with FMC Order Regarding PPOIA.
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Jun 18, 2015
Maritime Summit between Commission, US and China Boosts Cooperation
Maritime regulators from the EU, the US, and the People’s Republic of China met in Brussels for second Maritime Summit; announced renewed intention to cooperate.
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Jun 03, 2015
Chairman Cordero Participated in the Finished Vehicle Logistics North America Conference
Chairman Cordero speaks on a panel about the challenges in maintaining the growth of the automotive transportation industry.
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Jun 01, 2015
Chairman Cordero Addresses the Ocean Shipping & Trade Summit
Chairman’s keynote address at the Summit focused on recent U.S. port agreements filed at the FMC designed to address common challenges including port congestion.
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Results: 26 Article(s) Found.