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Oct 30, 2014
IPR Center welcomes two new partner agencies
FMC and USPS partner with the IPR Center's efforts to bolster international partnerships and information sharing on intellectual property crime.
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Oct 29, 2014
CCM Amendment Clears FMC Review
Consolidated Chassis Management Pool Agreement amendment becomes effective as scheduled without further delay on November 1st.
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Oct 10, 2014
Compromise Agreements Recover $503,000 in Penalties
FMC reaches compromise with several common carriers and unlicensed transportation businesses to resolve allegations of Shipping Act violations.
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Oct 09, 2014
2M Agreement Clears FMC Regulatory Review
Maersk/MSC VSA becomes effective October 11, 2014 and will be subject to ongoing FMC monitoring requirements​
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Aug 21, 2014
Chairman Cordero Participates in U.S. – Japan Bilateral Meeting
Maritime officials from the U.S. and Japan considered and exchanged ideas on a number of maritime related topics.
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Jul 08, 2014
Automated SERVCON Filing Using Web Services
FMC promotes a time and cost saving SERVCON filing option using the available Web Services
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Jun 18, 2014
Commission Statement on the P3 Agreement
The Commission notes the Chinese Ministry of Commerce decision on the P3 Network Vessel Sharing Agreement​
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Apr 30, 2014
FMC Chairman’s Earth Day Award Recognizes Efforts of Royal Caribbean CEO
Richard D. Fain champions environmental stewardship through innovative technology, practices and RCCL's partnership with the University of Miami
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Apr 02, 2014
G6 Alliance Amendment Clears FMC Regulatory Review
Proposed amendment to the G6 Alliance Agreement becomes effective April 4, 2014.
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Mar 26, 2014
Chairman Cordero Testifies to Congress Regarding FY 2015 FMC Budget
Chairman Cordero discusses the FMC’s previous accomplishments and planned activities for FY 2014 and 2015 in support of regulatory mission.
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Mar 20, 2014
P3 Agreement Clears FMC Regulatory Review
The P3 Agreement becomes effective 3/24/14 and is subject to ongoing reporting requirements and monitoring.​
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Mar 19, 2014
FMC Now Accepts Online Payments
The Federal Maritime Commission now accepts payments by credit card or ACH through Treasury's​
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Mar 14, 2014
Consumer Alert-- UPDATE – Transporte Medrano, Inc. d/b/a Medrano Express
On 7/25/13, FMC revoked Transporte Medrano, Inc. d/b/a Medrano Express’ (Medrano Express) ocean transportation intermediary license.
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Mar 14, 2014
Aviso al Consumidor – Transporte Medrano d/b/a Medrano Express
En 25 de Julio de 2013, la Comisión Marítima, (Federal Maritime Commission, (“FMC”)), cancelo’ la licencia que permitió Transporte Medrano, Inc. d/b/a/ Medrano Express a operar como un intermediario en la transportación de carga marítima.
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Mar 12, 2014
Compromise Agreements Recover $350,000 in Penalties
FMC reaches compromise agreements with several common carriers to resolve allegations of Shipping Act violations.
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Mar 05, 2014
CSAV Pays $625,000 Civil Penalty
FMC reaches compromise agreement with CSAV to resolve allegations of Shipping Act violations.
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Feb 12, 2014
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Affiliate Pay $1.275 Million Penalty
FMC announced a compromise agreement reached with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd. (MOL) and its corporate affiliate, Nissan Motor Car Carrier Co. (NMCC).
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Dec 23, 2013
Two Car Carriers Pay $2.3 Million in Penalties
FMC announced compromise agreements reached with two common carriers operating pure car carriers (PCCs) and roll on/roll off (RO/RO) vessels in U.S. inbound and outbound trades.
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Results: 18 Article(s) Found.